New Year’s Resolutions and How to Actually Achieve Them

January is here again and this is traditionally a month when resolutions are made with the best intentions but sometimes they don’t come to fruition. Here are a few tips to help you set and attain For any New Year’s Resolution, follow the SMART goal setting technique by ensuring your goal is specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound. One of the best ways to achieve a goal is by sharing your goal with others, or better yet achieving a goal with a friend. This article will discuss the two most common resolutions, getting in shape and eating healthy.

1. Get In Shape

Start with a small goal, like increasing your physical activity minutes by 10 minutes per week. Try a longer route when walking to class or try out a freewoman-running fitness class at the ARC! As you progress you can set more challenging goals. Make sure to track your progress using self-monitoring. This can be done using an activity tracker such as a Fitbit, or by writing down in a journal how many minutes of physical activity you get every day. Aim for 150 minutes of moderate-vigorous activity every week!

2. Eat Healthy

This goal is often a tricky one to stick with! Start with a small change likeheart shape by various vegetables and fruits replacing late night poutine with veggie chips, or a burger with a large salad at the caf. Another goal could be to fill half your plate with vegetables or to do more meal prep so you have healthy snacks prepared when school gets busy. To self-monitor your eating habits you can use a journal or an app to track calories and nutrients. For more information on eating healthy on campus, follow our campus dietitian’s blog.

Remember, changing old habits is hard! Try not to get discouraged as there will be many ups and downs on your path to success. The important thing to remember is that you’re trying your best to achieve your goal! It is important to reflect on the reasons why your goal is not being achieved and implement strategies to overcome these barriers. Set-backs are inevitable, but your success is determined by how well you manage these set-backs.

See below a New Year’s Resolution Starter Kit to jump start your goals. Fill it out before January 1st to ensure you will be successful at achieving your resolution. Keep your starter kit in a visible location to help you stay motivated. Good luck!